About Us

Our Objective

To continuously improve and maintain the standards of pest control service in our province through ongoing searches for information on pest identification, control techniques and environmental concerns. Our training seminars, communications with government officials and this web site provide an opportunity for members to stay informed and provide service in a safe, efficient and cost effective

  • All members must be Ministry of Environment certified and licensed.
  • All members must carry liability insurance.
  • Members must adhere to the association code of ethics.
  • Members have access to training materials and informational seminars.



Position Name Company Contact
President Melanie Johnston Assured Environmental Solutions 604-463-0007
Vice President Kurtis Brown Victoria Pest Control 250-477-0322
Treasurer Tammy Tonn Integrated Pest Supplies 1-800-465-5511
Director Mike Londry Westside Pest Control 604-559-9060
Director Christopher Day Orkin Canada 250-382-9209
Director James Roach Abell Pest Control 604-395-8115
Past President Ashley Browne Victoria Pest Control 250-477-0322
Credit Administrator Kiley Crossby Terminix Canada info@spmabc.com

Meetings and Events

25th Annual SPMABC Conference
Feburary 7-8, 2020
Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Centre 
4331 Dominion Street, Burnaby