Recertification Program

How often must an applicator be recertified?

Since a certificate is valid for one or five years, applicators must be recertified every one or five years. The number of years a certificate is valid depends on the mark on the exam. A one year certificate is issued when the exam mark is between 60% and 74%. A five year certificate is issued when the exam mark is 75% or greater. A certificate will not be issued if the exam mark is less than 60%.

Can I become recertified without writing and exam?

Yes, in some areas in BC applicators can become recertified by collecting continuing education credits. This is only allowed after an applicator has received a 5 year certificate by writing the exam.

How do I become recertified by collecting continuing education credits?

An applicator must obtain 20 continuing education credits over five years to become recertified. The applicator must first contact one of the following organizations and sign up for their credit recertification program.

Organization Contact Phone or E-mail
BC Fruit Growers Association Glen Lucas 250 762-5226
Interior Environmental Pest Management Association Dudley Gordon 250 493-2767
Lower Mainland Horticultural Improvement Association Sandy Gordon 604 857-0318
BC Structural Pest Management Association Kiley Crossby
BC Landscape and Nursery Trades Association and Western Canada Turfgrass Association Bob Wick 604 467-2564

Meetings and Events

26th Annual SPMA of BC Conference

The Science of Pest Control- IPM for the Future

February 2-3, 2024

Burnaby, BC Canada